Dog Ate Boric Acid


Dog Question: my dog injested some boric acid not alot but will the poison work itself out of his system or what. he is currently 15-20 lbs and his symptoms are: throwing up, wont eat or drink, moping around. What do i do.


Hi Tony,

Sorry to hear about your dog.

Toxicosis is unlikely unless your dog ate a large amount, but it seems like your dog has since it is showing signs of vomiting, anorexia, lethargy, and you might see diarrhea.

It takes 7 days to clear your dog's system. 

If the product he ate contains less than 5.4% boric acid he should be safe.  Ant baits that contain 1 to 5% boric acid are not expected to cause serious problems.

If he did eat a large amount there is a danger of kidney failure and possible seizures.

If your dog is still showing signs of this take him to the vet for an exam and possible IV fluids.

Long term problems are not expected, and if there is kidney damage it should respond to IV fluids.


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